The Yellow Creek Watershed is located north west of Akron and south of Cleveland, Ohio.

    Yellow Creek and its North Fork are about 17 miles long.  The watershed covers 31 square miles.  Yellow Creek drains east into the Cuyahoga River and is one of 26 watersheds in the Cuyahoga basin.

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     The southern edge of the Yellow Creek Watershed designates the continental divide. Water in the adjacent Wolf Creek watershed flows south to the Ohio River and eventually to the Golf of Mexico.

     The boundries of municipalities are often straight and follow roadways. Watersheds follow the contours of the land and drain from higher to lower areas. Much of the head waters of Yellow Creek are locted in Richfield, Granger, Sharon, Copley, and Fairlawn. Land usage in one municipality can have a great effect on the adjacent township, city, or village. This makes the health of the watershed difficult to control. 

is a

The Watershed Book  A citizen's guide to healthy streams and clean water.

...written by the Cuyahoga River Community Planning Organization


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A Watershed is a Place

It is an area of land in which all the water or snowmelt drains to a single stream, river, or lake.


A Watershed is Also a System

It is a complex system of interactions between the land, water, plants, animals, and man-made elements that exist within its boundries. Those interactions clean the water and support the habitat that, in turn, supports life.

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